WHUDF – Council meeting a success

At the meeting on Monday 17th March the Boroondara council unanimously supported local residents by seeking to alter the WHUDF to reinstate the proper meaning of “low rise” development for the area around Hawthorn Square. In response to a letter signed by approximately 400 residents and personal representations at the meeting, the council will seek to alter the height limit to two storeys with a third storey set back. The council will also seek to correct the accidental deletion of the public space provision at the front of Hawthorn Square.

The next step will be to ensure that the community’s voice is heard and make sure that the controls are not watered down by the planning minister.

1 thought on “WHUDF – Council meeting a success

  1. This requires a follow-up to ensure that Council have done what they agreed at the council meeting. It’s nearly 3 months later and I haven’t seen anything presented back to the community. Do they have a deadline for amendments before the process starts again from scratch? I have at the back of my mind that if the Minister has not approved the changes before the end of this year, that the time limit has expired. This might be incorrect, as I have not been directly involved in this process.

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