Monthly Archives: October 2008

109 Burwood Road (corner of Power Street)

I have had a 3 month battle with Boroondara traffic section to remove the signals over the footpath in Burwood Road. They totally contradict the Australian Road Rules by removing the pedestrian’s right-of-way on a footpath. The officers and VicRoads have finally agreed that it is not a good precedent and are meeting with body corporate to arrange for them to be removed. But they haven’t agreed to replace them with a flashing light which is the usual and desirable warning measure in such a situation. I am told it will be monitored for three months but have not been able to get an answer on what will be monitored and by whom?

If you see any event at this location indicating that the arrangement is not satisfactory please let me know with as much detail as possible. I have had a report of a car entering the building using this ramp. It is supposed to be an exit ramp only, so any other observations of vehicles entering here would be of interest.

Thanks,   Don Glasson 9818 1993