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Travel agents – Burwood Road

Good news with regard to this development. After lengthy consultations and negotiations between the developer and objectors a compromise has been reached allowing the development to go ahead. This means that a VCAT hearing has been avoided and we have a better development as a result. Council signed off on the amended plans last night and commented that we were mature, community minded citizens, in being prepared to work together for a solution. This is a VERY rare event according to Council Officers and Councillors. Well done to all involved.

60-62 Burwood Rd PP11/01247 (The travel Agents)

This has come to my attention and I thought worth passing on. Especially given Megan’s comments in regard to the Elgin Street proposal and the precedent set by 108 Power Street. We need to mindful that anything can become a precedent for anything else.

The proposal for 60-62 Burwood road will challenge the newly established guidelines for the West Hawthorn village precinct as it is asking for 4 storeys (instead of the 3 recommended in the guidelines, exceeds the height limits, wants a reduction in parking, and has balconies overhanging Morang Road, which is also a heritage listed area) Objections were due in on 19th April, but if people are concerned about the possibility of a precedent being set, it is worthwhile getting something in, in the next few days. We feel that if this is allowed, anything will go in future in the shopping centre.

97 ELGIN STREET – St Josephs Retirement Village


Plans for this were lodged prior to Christmas and the developers applied to VCAT before council made their decision. Local residents were not informped and there has been no community consultation. Boroondara Council refused the permit and will be fighting this at VCAT.

A small number of residents have agreed to engage Nick Crawford from TP Legal, a town planning lawyer to present the residents case at the 6 day VCAT hearing on the 30th April.

Contributions are sought to cover this cost from interested residents. Please see this information sheet for further details.

Capers site on corner of Burwood and Power

Here’s a big development that has just been submitted. From the council planning application register:

Development and use for 38 dwellings and a shop in a five (5) storey building in a Design and Development Overlay (DDO12), reduction in the standard bicycle and car parking requirements and alteration to a Road Zone Category 1.


Documents are not yet available through the website, but keep an eye out for them. Further details here and here.

Boroondara now has planning documents online

The Boroondara council now has documents associated with planning applications available to view on the council website. Users can search for planning applications and then download the pdf documents including plans that were submitted for that application.

This is a huge advance for residents who often cannot make it in to the council offices during business hours to view the plans of developments that may have a major impact on them. According to the council’s news release, the documentation will be available from the date advertising commences and removed once a decision is made.

To view the documents go to the council’s planning register.

One unfortunate side affect of the change to the website is that the harvester used by appears to be broken. I’ll look into fixing this over the weekend.

Monash Hospital Proposal

We’ve had word that the Monash IVF facility is relocating from East Melbourne  and is considering an existing four storey building at 50 Burwood Road Hawthorn (opposite St James park). No external physical buildings, additions or works changes are proposed. The proposal will be for a 31 bed maternity ward, consulting suites, operating theatres and ancillary shops on the ground flour (chemist, pathology etc.).

The main concern would be the track record of hospitals that border residential areas expanding into those areas. Cabrini hospital is an example of this. Do we want a hospital precinct in this area? Comments please.

Elgin Inn Application for Rooftop Deck

The Elgin Inn have applied to conduct works to build a rooftop deck and to waive the standard car parking requirements. There have been 22 objections to this proposal (a very high number given the minimal notice that local residents were given).

The Urban Planning Committee (UPC) is considering the hotel’s application 8:00pm this Monday (18th February) in the Council Chambers, first floor, 8 Ingelsby Road, Camberwell. We need as many objectors as possible to attend this meeting; otherwise this development will probably get the seal of approval. Please attend this meeting if you can.

108 Power Street Decision

A permit has been granted by VCAT for the development to proceed on the land at 108 Power Street. With Boroondara council withdrawing almost all their objections at the 11th hour, it was highly unlikely that the decision would go any other way.

The Member Ian Potts did reject many of the proponents arguments (for example using the VATMI site as a precedent), however it looks as though the West Hawthorn Urban Design Framework has not only failed to prevent an inappropriate development in the area, but has been used as the justification for it.

Click here for the full decision (MS Word format)