Grace Park Bridge

Users of Grace Park will be well aware of the collapse of the pedestrian and cycling bridge over the Hawthorn main drain (which used to be called Hawthorn Creek by the way). The notice displayed talks about a new bridge happening in November (see below). For some reason the council is going to build a temporary bridge that will then be replaced when they provide funding to implement this part of the Grace Park management plan.

Grace Park Notice

It seems very strange that the council cannot bring forward their own plans to redevelop this part of the park and save themselves the cost of building a temporary bridge. We’ll await developments. now covers all Boroondara applications

The site now covers all planning applications lodged in Boroondara. is a site where you can enter your address and sign up to be emailed whenever an application occurs near your house. You can set how close the distance is. Below is a map of recent applications lodged within 2km of Hawthorn Station.

View Larger Map helped out by writing some software called a scraper to automatically get the applications from the Boroondara website. I’d recommend checking out A really big thanks to for producing such a useful service!

Monash Hospital Proposal

We’ve had word that the Monash IVF facility is relocating from East Melbourne  and is considering an existing four storey building at 50 Burwood Road Hawthorn (opposite St James park). No external physical buildings, additions or works changes are proposed. The proposal will be for a 31 bed maternity ward, consulting suites, operating theatres and ancillary shops on the ground flour (chemist, pathology etc.).

The main concern would be the track record of hospitals that border residential areas expanding into those areas. Cabrini hospital is an example of this. Do we want a hospital precinct in this area? Comments please.

New planningalerts website

A new website that allows subscribers to be notified on new planning applications has been launched. This looks to be very promising. Once Boroondara is on line then this should provide an excellent service for West Hawthorn residents. From their blog: is a free service which searches as many planning authority websites as it can find and emails you details of applications near you. The aim of this to enable shared scrutiny of what is being built (and knocked down) in peoples’ communities.

Planning Alerts website screenshot is brought to you by the OpenAustralia Foundation with financial assistance from the Australian Government 2.0 Taskforce. It was adapted for Australia by Matthew Landauer and Katherine Szuminska, and is based on the UK site, built by Richard Pope, Mikel Maron, Sam Smith, Duncan Parkes, Tom Hughes and Andy Armstrong.

Planning Application: 81 – 83 Riversdale Road HAWTHORN

PP09/00840: Construct 103 apartments contained within a 5 storey building. Use and development for the purpose of an office. Reduction in the provision of car parking for the dwellings food and drink premises and office area. Alter the access to a Category 1 Road Zone (Riversdale Road). Continuation of a Section 3 use offices in the Residential Zone 1 and buildings and works.